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Cucumbertube - Free porn sex videos.

2 years ago

Cucumber Tube

This happened a few years ago. she had shared with my girlfriend and just attended the wedding of my best mate. I knew him since they were infants and new his brother also. It was only a few years younger than us. In any case, the reception was at home with their parents. He had drunk a little too much and their parents insisted they spend the night, as I was driving to fit in any way. I agreed and my fellow brother Martin suggested that I stay in the cave, who lived in the night too. cucumbertube It had two beds and was the most important part of the house. Coming January 00 I had enough and told me to go to bed. I went through the cave and continued Martin. That was a very nice place with private bathroom. We started talking and the topic came to my girlfriend. That made me even more depressed when Martin suggested that watching television for a while. Both under the beds and Martin turned on cucumbertube the TV. Boring was the word. I jokingly said Mart to put some porn, ifwas. And here, beneath the bed cucumbertube was a couple of DVDs. She went on. They were really very good. a lot of shit and fuck with two of us make some comments on this or that shit. I did warm to say the least. Mart said he had to pee and went into the bathroom. Moments later he returned to the room bollock naked. " Hope you do not care," he said. I needed the space in my pants. Mart had a hard fucking. He had a fantastic body. I knew it worked, but never realized what was sung. He had a very hairy chest and a series of hair to the tail. Mart came to my bed. I still had my clothes on, but I had an erection that my flight was going to explode. Mart was sitting on my bed. His hand touched my pants and started rubbing my cock. cucumbertube I was surprised because I had no idea he was "bi " as he always had girlfriends. I asked if her friend would do. " No," was the answer. "She knows I'm bi! " in the time he was buttoning his pants and pulled my zipper. I looked at his cock before and could see cum oozing from it. That was cut and was a good length. About 7 inches and a good 2 inches in diameter. Mart had my cock and suggested it would be better if I pulled cucumbertube my pants. He took a little help. I smiled and took my circumcised penis in his hand. He leaned forward and her tongue was playing with the end of my turn to him in his mouth and slid up and down on her and massaged my balls at the same time. His mouth was hot and was the best blow job he had in a long time. My hand reached for his cock and began to stroke me. We set on our side, and took each others cocks in the mouth. Our fingers explore each others body. Mart withdrew from me to say that they wanted to finish fast and I wanted to massage. I lay face down and began to relax my back and legs, then his fingers to massage my ass. Straddled me while he was working on my back and felt his penis worked soin my ass. Then he pushed cucumbertube hard and felt his cock deeper into me. He pushed as far as he could, and then began to fuck me. I knew I had his cock inside me. Has always been faster and then shoots his load in me. My ass was full of warm milk. He stopped and pulled out his penis and told me he wanted me to fuck him now. My legs were like jelly, so I turned around and laid on my back. Martin rode over me and sucked my cock again. The hole was looking cucumbertube at me, so I started working with my fingers. I have cucumbertube two fingers and finger fucking him was when he turned around, then sat on my cock. It slides up and down and his hands found his cock and balls, so I started to masturbate him. I felt him grip his cock with her ass and told me that the most idiot. At this point I was on the point of no return and told him I was about to shoot. My penis has become increasingly difficult and then simply download a large amount of sp
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